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Hi there, we welcome you to the web sites of Logemann brothers!

Of course we're also talking english. So, what we talking about? Right, the Amano algea eating shrimp.

We published a lot of informations about anatomie, care, diseases, breeding etc. and of course many pictures and shortmovies of the Caridina japonica (multidentata) Amano (Yamato) shrimp plus a extensive FAQ section...
But...! Yes, only in german language, sorry! So, if you got some questions, please ask by email.

We will glad to help you any time...

To translate our website in different languages you can check out the following sites:

  • www.worldlingo.com/en/websites/url_translator.html
  • babelfish.altavista.com/

    direct email contact to the 'Amano shrimp maniacs'...contact to the 'Amano shrimp maniacs'...responsible for the Caridina japonica sites...